The Canadian Veterans Association Network is established to attempt to eleviate the frustrations that veterans and their families feel every day.

There is a mountain of information out there, most of inaccurate or confusing.  The CVA Network is working hard to be a reliable source of information for everyone.  We encourage everyone to become part of the network:  Canadian Military Veterans, RCMP Veterans, families of Veterans and even those who just care.

One of the biggest problems that Veterans face, is the scattered voice of concerns.  By growing our membership, we create a louder voice.  A collective voice that cannot be ignored!

Please note however, this is place for Veterans by Veterans.  We have no concern about politics, or political parties.  The have proven to be ineffective no matter what is presented to them.  As we identify issues and concerns, The CVA Network will collectively raise our voices as one and determine the next steps when we are ignored.

Please ensure you read our Terms of Service and Membership Agreements to ensure that we are all working towards the same goals.