The Appeal Process

If you have received a disability decision, and you feel that you have not been assessed appropriately.  From this point, you have some decisions to make.  You have two options at this point Departmental Review or a Review Hearing.

These processes can be difficult to go through.  We suggest that you have some support and encouragement to got through these process.  It can be physically and emotionally exhausting.  Whilst we are not a fully recognised agencies or support group, we can help you through the process.  We can provide a "fresh set of eyes" to go through your file again.

If you are not sure if you have everything you need, we recommend you submit an "Informal ATIP Request" and make sure you have everything VAC has.  Again, a time consuming process, but it can have a significant impact on the success of your appeal.

If you would like us to look over your file, please contact us here.