Service Standards

One of the single most hated and complained about process at VAC.  No amount of pressure from the Government, Ombudsman, the Press or anywhere else seems to be able to fix this.

Our comments is this:

The mismanagement of Service Standards is not the fault of the front-line or second-line staff.  This is a management problem.

Service standards are referred to in a couple of ways:

Within the internal policies of VAC, within the Government of Canada's statistical services.  Of great interest is the common use from VAC is the SSSD.  This is the "Service Standard Start Date."

It is important to understand that all departments with VAC will use this term.  In general this means your process begins once VAC determines that they have all the information to make a decision.

We have found that this seems to be dependent on who updates the record (The Steps).  Sometime Step 1 indicates that the Department has all they need and the SSSD starts there.  In other cases, it appears that this is Step 2.  There does not seem to be a standard between Step 1 and Step 2.

The complete list of Service Standards can be found here.

If you are making a complaint or other inquiry, ensure you read the article above.  Different Departments and services have different SSSDs.