The Bureau of Pension Advcoates is free legal help for people who are not satisfied with decisions about their claims for disability benefits. Keep in mind however, they work for Veteran’s Affairs. Experience tells us that they are very good at seperating the actions from the pay-check. The solicitor-client relationship between you and your lawyer is a legal right. They disclose anything – big trouble, upto and including loosing their licence to practice.

It is very important, that if you are disatisfied with the outcomes, that you register with the BPA as soon as possible through MyVAC, with what you are unhappy about. One of the key points here is to be specific as possible. If you received multiple items that you are unhappy with, you need to describe all the items. Use the guide to help you create the notification to BPA.

Receiving an unfavorable descison is hard hit. If the percentage is lower than expected or there is no award granted, this can knock you down. Take a deep breath though. All is not lost. It is important that you have a clear head when you send your first email to BPA. If you need help in doing that contact us and we will help you out.